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Providing as much information as possible will greatly assist the process of developing designs for your project that will be appropriate, unique and effective. What happens once you return your questionnaire? Once you return your questionnaire, we’ll discuss a few more aspects with you before drawing up a comprehensive Proposal & Quotation tailored specifically to your needs. Together with Terms & Conditions which clarify all aspects of the design process, the Proposal & Quotation will form an essential part of a Client Services Agreement which we will offer to you. Agreement will need to be signed before work commences on your project.

Website Design/Devt Quote

Website Design/Devt Quote

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Your position in the Company or Organisation

About your Company or Organisation

If you have a website, give the address

What products and /or services do you provide?

About your clients, what is the target audience for those products and /or services?

Provide some information about your main competitors. Please include links to their websites if available.

Project Details

What are the basic goals of this project

Do you plan to use social media to attract visitors to your website?

Do you publish articles about your business on other websites, magazines, or journals?

What is your intended launch date for the new website?

Are there any outside considerations that might affect the schedule? Examples: PR launch, trade-shows, store opening, board meeting, or annual report.

How are you currently marketing your Website or products?

Do you have existing business cards or other printed materials we need to match

Website Redesign

Do you feel your current website promotes a favorable user experience?

What shortcomings exist with the current website, and what are things would you change on the site today if you could?

Have you conducted usability tests or gathered user feedback for your current website? Please include any reports or findings.

How important is it to maintain your current look and feel, logo, and branding?

What is your main goal for this redesign (e.g. better user experience, update look and feel, target different audience)?

Do you plan to use content from the existing site, and, if so, which portions (or pages)?

What is the website URL:

Hosting, Domain Administration & Maintenance

Will you want your site to be maintained regularly?

Would you like us to maintain your site

Do you have a domain name for your site (i.e.

If you do not already have a domain name, would you like our assistance developing one?

If you would like our assistance developing a domain name, please list a few ideas for names in the box below.

Do you have hosting set-¬‐up for your site? If you have already set up a hosting package for your website, please forward us the emails you were supplied upon registration.

Graphic Design Needs

Do you have existing images, graphics or design elements?

Are you providing your own graphic design services, including image effects, or will we be providing during the creation of your website?

What other media, including video or sound do you plan to use?

Will you supply all art and copy digitally?

Do you have photos of you, your staff, your services, or your products?

Do you have any vendor supplied photos or graphics you are authorized to use?

Do you have a logo and the digital copy?

Do you currently have marketing materials that we should incorporate into our design?

Website Appearance

Design Examples which existing websites do you like, and why?

How many pages will your Website have?

What is your color scheme preference?

What is your font usage preference?

Do you have a site layout in mind?

Website Content Management

Have you written the web copy (content) for the site?

Will you need our assistance in creating the web copy?

How much of your marketing assets can be used as PDF's and links?

Do you have content for the site? If not, will you be creating content in-house or using an outside provider?

How often would you require content updates? Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Other

Do you require us to train your employee for content updates?

Would you like to be able to easily update your own content without any special software or HTML knowledge?

Would you be interested in having us do content updates to your web site?

Who will be responsible for administering your site once it is completed?

Do you have an in-house IT person who can manage the site?

Functionality & Development

Are there any other third-¬‐party applications that need to be integrated such as a CRM or eCommerce engine

What Special features should the site have? (Video, Flash, Calendar, Forum, Contact Form etc.)

Please add any additional or custom pages you would like to add.

Will your site have a store/shop?

Do you want to incorporate a blog on your site?

Do you wish to allow the public to subscribe to your email lists through your website?

Do you wish to take online payments through your website?

Do you have a PayPal account? Is it PayPal verified?

Do you a merchant payment account for the processing of credit cards?


Who will be approving the designs and concepts?

Are there any third parties subcontractors or vendors that will also be involved in the project?

Schedule Please indicate if you have a preferred start date and/or deadline for your project

What is your anticipated budget?

Additional info that we should know