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Providing as much information as possible will greatly assist the process of developing designs for your project that will be appropriate, unique and effective. What happens once you return your questionnaire? Once you return your questionnaire, we’ll discuss a few more aspects with you before drawing up a comprehensive Proposal & Quotation tailored specifically to your needs. Together with Terms & Conditions which clarify all aspects of the design process, the Proposal & Quotation will form an essential part of a Client Services Agreement which we will offer to you. Agreement will need to be signed before work commences on your project.

SEO Quote

SEO Quote

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Your position in the Company or Organisation

About your Company or Organisation

If you have a website, give the address

What products and /or services do you provide?

About your clients, what is the target audience for those products and /or services?

Provide some information about your main competitors. Please include links to their websites if available.

SEO Goals

What do you hope to achieve with SEO? What are your main goals and KPIs?

Which countries are you targeting?

What is your level of understanding when it comes to SEO?

Who are your main competitors?

Will we be given access to the following items? CMS, Google Analytics, Google Search Console

What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? What is the key differentiator between your product/service from that of your competitors?

Do you have plans to redesign your website? Is their website mobile-responsive? Is it conversion-friendly? If the answers to these questions are no, then it’s highly unlikely you’ll optimize their conversions, no matter how much effort you put towards improving their SEO

Do you have any brand guidelines?

Are there any websites/forums that are frequently visited by your target audience?

Do you have any design assets we can have access to?

Is your business primarily online or offline?

What organizations or associations are you a part of?

What other marketing strategies (both offline and online) do you employ?

Is your business or any of your products seasonal?

• Are you currently doing any Pay Per Click advertising?

What is your biggest marketing challenge?


What is the underlying tech for the website (WordPress, cms, custom, files)?

What is the process for making changes (code review / testing / deployment)?

How long has your website been active?

Do you have an in-house developer?

Have you had a full scale technical audit performed on your website before?

Is your website fully responsive?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Do you submit your sitemap to Google?

Do changes you make to the website have to go through an internal approval process?

Content Strategy

Are there priority keyword targets?

Where are the keyword targets derived from?

Which priority keywords have the highest profit and conversion rate?

Is there an appetite to create in-depth content?

Do you have an editorial calendar or editorial plan in place for your blog or website?

Do you have in-house designers and copywriters to create content assets?

Do you have a blog, forum, or newsletter? How much interaction do you see from them?

Do you currently have analytics setup on your website?

Do you have Google Webmaster Tools set up?

Do you have access to your Google Places page?

What is the specific city / geographical area you’d like to be visible in, ideally?


Who will be approving the designs and concepts?

Are there any third parties subcontractors or vendors that will also be involved in the project?

Schedule Please indicate if you have a preferred start date and/or deadline for your project

What is your anticipated budget?

Additional info that we should know