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Providing as much information as possible will greatly assist the process of developing designs for your project that will be appropriate, unique and effective. What happens once you return your questionnaire? Once you return your questionnaire, we’ll discuss a few more aspects with you before drawing up a comprehensive Proposal & Quotation tailored specifically to your needs. Together with Terms & Conditions which clarify all aspects of the design process, the Proposal & Quotation will form an essential part of a Client Services Agreement which we will offer to you. Agreement will need to be signed before work commences on your project.

Online Marketing Quote

Online Marketing Quote

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Your position in the Company or Organisation

About your Company or Organisation

If you have a website, give the address

What products and /or services do you provide?

About your clients, what is the target audience for those products and /or services?

Provide some information about your main competitors. Please include links to their websites if available.

Project Details

Who are your existing clients (i.e. individuals, corporations, government, etc.)?

Where are your existing customers located?

Who are your primary target clients?

What other target clients you are interested in reaching?

Do your target clients belong to any special organizations/associations? Please list.

Do you have satisfied customers who will give testimonials?

Once you have your customers, do you keep in touch with them? How: newsletters, direct mail, email?


What is your communications/marketing goal?

What obstacles do you think your company/organization needs to overcome to achieve its goal

What is your total marketing budget (per month, quarter, or year)?

What are your expectations for marketing (increasing awareness, generating new leads, increasing the number of leads, improving retention, etc.)?

How quickly do you want to reach your marketing goal?

What kinds of marketing or communications efforts are you interested in pursuing (website, brochure, manuals, proposals, full campaign, etc.)?

Do you have staff that will be able to follow up on leads generated by marketing efforts?

How do your clients hear about you now (referrals/word-of-mouth, telephone directories, direct mail, transit ads, internet/website, advertising, etc.)?

How have you reached your target audience in the past?

Do you have collateral materials (letterhead, business cards, brochures, etc.) for your company?

Does your company have a website?

If yes what is the website Address

Is your branding consistent? Do all your marketing materials, such as brochures, letterhead, business cards, ads, and website have the same look, feel, and logos?

Do all your marketing materials have your website address(es)and Social Media (like Facebook or LinkedIn) names on them?

Do you have a specific marketing plan that is currently driving your marketing efforts?

Do you know your Unique Selling Proposition – that which makes you different from all your competitors?

If yes, what is it?

What type of online advertising have you used/are currently using (PPC, SEO, banner ads, paid directories, yellow, etc.)?

Are you currently showing up on the local search maps (Google local, Yahoo local, Bing)?If so, which ones?

Social Media

Are you currently utilizing any social media/networking sites? If so, which ones?

Are you looking to expand onto new networks?

What other types of online marketing are you currently using/have used in the past?

Do you have a place for audiences to interact with the brand, i.e a blog, forum, etc? And how much traffic are you getting at the moment from those areas?

Do you have website developer/s in-house?

What resources do you have available for content creation?

Do you want to provide customer service on social media? If so, on which platform and from which profile?

What tools have you used to manage your social media profiles until now?

• How do you intend to measure return on investment?


Who will be approving the designs and concepts?

Are there any third parties subcontractors or vendors that will also be involved in the project?

Schedule Please indicate if you have a preferred start date and/or deadline for your project

What is your anticipated budget?

Additional info that we should know