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Providing as much information as possible will greatly assist the process of developing designs for your project that will be appropriate, unique and effective. What happens once you return your questionnaire? Once you return your questionnaire, we’ll discuss a few more aspects with you before drawing up a comprehensive Proposal & Quotation tailored specifically to your needs. Together with Terms & Conditions which clarify all aspects of the design process, the Proposal & Quotation will form an essential part of a Client Services Agreement which we will offer to you. Agreement will need to be signed before work commences on your project.

Logo Design Quote

Logo Design Quote

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What are we creating a logo or brand identity for? (Company Department Product, Special interest group, Service, Initiative or Scheme, etc)

Is there anything already in place which we should be aware of? (identity of parent company, colors of uniforms, format of existing signs or space available; or color schemes on existing website.)

Do any existing logos appeal to you & why? If so, please provide a link to a picture of each logo.

Please supply a brief description of the design you have in mind and any other information that would be useful.

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