About Us

Our Story

Avarice is limited liability Company duly registered by the corporate affairs commission (C.A.C) Abuja, Nigeria. RC No-744852, we were certified to operate on the 30th day of April 2008. We are an  I.T solutions provider for various fields, since its formation Avarice has established procedures which help in solving our clients professional concerns, we undertake extensive analysis of a client’s situation to ensure the right solution is applied. We satisfy our clients by exceeding their expectations of quality and delivering a project on time and within the budget.

The services we offer include Website development and design, hosting, maintenance, graphics design, marketing analysis and Internet Web-related services to small business owners and individuals. Given our expertise in Web design and development, we believe we can offer a unique and superior service to small business owners, in comparison to what is currently available.

The demand and growth rate for Web development and marketing services in the small business market is at an all-time high and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.We believe the reason for this virtually untapped market is due to expensive project costs, the highest profit margins in Web development today are in servicing large- and medium-sized corporations. We have developed a system that dramatically reduces steep project costs and henceforth will allow us to offer the same high-end Web development services that larger companies receive at a much lower cost to the client.

Our Mission

To go beyond your imagination in delivering high quality services that meets customer’s needs, Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and streamlined  services to individuals, small and medium scale businesses. We have developed a system for offering many different types of Web services (site development, hosting, marketing, and maintenance) that are exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of these companies.

Corporate Philosophy

To sustain profitability by being the preferred solutions provider, offering high-end Web services to businesses in a ways that they can appreciate and afford.

Our philosophy is to create work which stands out and generates positive results

This simple philosophy of responsibility conveys a whole new level of customer relationship with full attention given to all our projects and we strive to assist our clients with honesty and integrity and also encourage client collaboration while providing them with the best solutions and products for their business needs. We also pride ourselves on relationships that produce results. Working together with clients, our long-term association will bring success to all parties involved. In this way, our work reflects who we are and what we value, we take pride in partnering with new small businesses for the long term. We are all about small businesses.